PTE Sample Essays

Essay 20 - Mobile Phone Problems

There are social, medical and technical problems associated with the use of mobile phones. What forms do these problems take? Do problems of using mobile phones outweigh the benefits?

The use of mobile phone has proven to be indispensable in today’s modernized era. Many experts are becoming more concerned that over-usage of mobile phone could relate to social, medical and technological issues in modern life. This essay will present an overall view of these effects before a reasoned conclusion is drawn.

First, in terms of social problem, mobile phones can be a source of disturbance in public amenities. In fact, ringing phones could disrupt people’s concentration in some places where quiet environment is taken seriously, such as in the library or cinema.

Second, in terms of medical issue, mobile phones could pose a threat to users’ health. According to a recent research, their waves could cause damage to our brains and critically, they could result in a series of severe conditions including cancer and other fatal diseases. Not to mention, the link between mobile phones and road accidents is considered very dangerous. It is frequently reported that most road accidents end up with serious injuries or even death.

Third, technically, mobile phones may also interfere with electronic equipment. For instance, their signals are often detected as a major cause of failure in aircraft systems. X-ray machines and other medical equipment are also negatively affected by waves radiated by mobile phones.

Nevertheless, their favourable points seem to outweigh the drawbacks. As a matter of fact, they help us to keep in touch with family, friends and colleagues wherever we are, thereby enhancing our progress. Therefore, they have become the must-have gadgets for many people in today’s world.

As outlined above, although there are some issues associated with the use of mobile phone, it is believed that its usage will continue to grow significantly in the future.


Essay 19 - The Use of Computer

Using a computer every day can have more negative than positive effects on your children. Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. 

Technology, for the past few decades, has been the driving force behind mankind’s progress by leaps and bounds in almost every field. Technology, along with the information which it brings, has become an integral part of not only adults but children are also becoming avid users of computers, handheld devices and other gadgets. Although the new generation is becoming more aware of day to day happenings, access of everything brings divergent results as well.

Firstly, abuse of computers by youngsters has led them to waste their time on needless tasks rather than using computers in an efficient way. Facebook and other social media sites have played a devastating role in harming the overall working of an effective society. Children now like to spend hours of their precious time posting and reading useless material. They have access to every kind of information, which is causing children to view restricted content as well.

Secondly and more importantly, computers have barred children from engaging in physical activity as well. Children now prefer to limit themselves in their rooms and want to be lost in the fantasies of the online world. This leads children to be ostracized from today’s social happenings and is turning them into social outliers. I know many of my friends who play games, engage in digital social gatherings and wasting their useful time in mind numbing activities

Changes, in fact mind boggling ones, are taking place at societal level, where the balance of a child’s growth is being seriously challenged. This can be averted through proper control and dedication of parents towards their children. Useful things can become detrimental if employed at a wrong stage.

Essay 18 - 21st Century Developments

The twenty-first century has already brought great changes to the world. What other developments do you expect to happen over this century? Provide examples and supporting evidence to back up your opinion on this subject.

In 1964, humans were able to go to space, and walk on the moon, which was a great success, but after that many wonderful achievements were made. The question is, whether we will be able to achieve some more successful achievements in the future or this is the end of the amazing and great story of humanity.

One of the fields in which we will achieve some great achievements might be IT. Information Technology is the biggest achievement, which humans have got so far and we will get more than what we have got so far. Nanotechnology will help us to make super Nano chips and then the world of IT will be changed sharply and quickly.

According to biologists and chemists in the next 20 years, we will able to change the DNA of humans and will be able to stop the growth of many diseases such as colon cancer, lung cancer, AIDS and many types of genetic diseases. Although we have got many successful methods of treatment, we could not eradicate them. We will be able to change the genetic codes biologically in the human cells and as a result some diseases might be eradicated them easily.

Fifty years ago agriculture was a traditional professional and farmers did not know about the modern method of irrigation and not did have any ideas about chemical and biochemical fertilizers. Nowadays, framers know about new technologies in modern agriculture and also use new tools, instruments and machines to plant and harvest the plants. In the next 50 years, agriculture will be changed completely and wonderfully. We will use Agro-genetic in agriculture, it means we will able to have agricultural productions which have resistance to insects, bacteria and viruses and are able to grow quickly.

In conclusion, in the 21th century the world is changing magnificently and sharply. IT, medicine, genetic and chemistry will make some amazing changes in many aspects of our life.